Launch of Tokio Marine Smart Mobility, a New Company Providing Mobility Solutions for the Corporate Market

November 20, 2023
Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc.
Tokio Marine Smart Mobility Co., Ltd.

Launch of Tokio Marine Smart Mobility , a New Company
Providing Mobility Solutions for the Corporate Market

Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc. (President and Group CEO: Satoru Komiya, hereinafter “TMHD”)
today announced the launch of Tokio Marine Smart Mobility Co., Ltd. (President: Hidemi
Harada , hereinafter “ TSMO ”), a 100% owned subsidiary that will provide mobility solutions.
TSMO will deliver cutting -edge solutions that support the growth of our commercial customers
by mitigat ing risks and avoidable costs associated with transportation and logistics , including
improving working environments , strengthening the ability to adapt to external factors such
as environmental issues and automated driving , and has the goal to contribute to the
improvement of productivity of our customers .

1. Background to and aims of establishing TSMO
In recent years, soci etal challenges in mobility have extend ed beyond accident prevention and
safe driving, encompassing issues such as the decrease in transport capacity , symbolized by
the 2024 problem 1 and the decline in the number of drivers. These challenges ar e becoming
more diverse and serious , including the st reamlining of vehicle management, labor and health
management for drivers, as well as supporting decarbonization and adapting to automated
driving. The market for solutions aimed at addressing these societal challenges is expected to
exceed 700 billion yen after 2030.
For over a century, Tokio Marine Group has been delivering on our purpose of “protecting our
customers and societies in their time of need” and has been dedicated to adding value to our
customers and local communities by providing a broad range of insurance products . In recent
years, we have been focusing on developing solutions that leverage new technology, such as
automobile insurance with a built -in drive recorder and the utilization of AI to create potential
hazard projection models.
Tokio Marine Group launch ed TSMO with the aim of further accelerat ing and enhancing the
development of mobility solutions . Through mitigating risks and avoidable costs associated
with transpo rtation and logistics, improving working environments, and strengthening our
ability to adapt to external factors such as environmental issues and automated driving, we
aim to support the growth and productivity of our customers .
*1 Common term for issues related to the April 1, 2024 implementation of laws related to work style reform,
such as upper limits on working hours for drivers .

2. Overview of TSMO
Company name Tokio Marine Smart Mobility Co., Ltd.
Establishment November 20, 2023
2-6-4 Otemachi, Chiyoda -ku, Tokyo, Japan
Representative President : Hidemi Harada
Paid -in capital 980 million yen (including capital reserve )
Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc. 100 %
Nature of
Development/sale of solutions for resolving social issues related to

3. Creation of New value through TSMO
Mobility -related societal challenges extend beyond drivers and fleet managers, encompassing
a complex interplay of various participants and circumstances in the transportation business.
This includ es shippers, a diverse array of cargo and delivery methods, as well as consumer
needs. The intricacies involved make it difficult for an individual company to solve these
It is essential to promote overall optimization not by individual companies, but through cross –
industry collaboration among many rel evant participants involved in mobility to deliver
optimal solutions to social issues related to mobility . We believe that t here is a great deal of
room for improvement in this area.
TSMO is dedicated to working together with a multitude of businesses involved in mobility,
leveraging the three strengths outlined below to solve these critical social issues.

【 Three Strengths of Tokio Marine Smart Mobility 】
(1) Utiliz e the diverse data and expertise possessed by the Group
Tokio Marine Group has accumulated a wealth of data and expertise that will contribute to
solving social issues related to mobility . This includ es TMNF’s insurance underwriting know –
how, data on approximately 15 million automobile insurance policies , data on 3 million
accidents per year accumulated through accident response, data on roads and driver
characteristics obtained from more than one millio n drive recorders, Tokio Marine dR Co.,
Ltd. ‘s knowledge on accident prevention and reduction, and AlgoNaut Inc. ²’s know -how in risk
TSMO will leverage the data and know -how held by Tokio Marine Group companies to the
fullest to develop and prov ide agile solutions.
*2 November 12, 2020: Establishment of Joint Venture – AlgoNaut, Inc. -att/20201112_e.pdf

(2) Utilizing the lates t mobility technolog ies and collaborating with partners from other
Technolog y in the mobility business being advancing at an ever -accelerating pace , Tokio
Marine Group has been working on research in accident precursor algorithms utilizing drive
recorder data, as well as supporting the societal implementation of automated driving vehicles
utilizing onboard data and connected technology.
TSMO will strengthen the planning, development, and provision of solutions that lead to
optimization for players involved in the mobility sector by actively collaborating and
partnering with various partners from different industries who possess expertise in their
respective fields, as well as exploring advanced technologies domestically and internationally
through resources such as the “Global Digital Innovation Lab” of Tokio Marine Group.

(3) Utiliz e a variety of customer contact points lead ing to the discovery of issues
TSMO will leverage the diverse customer touchpoints of TMNF and other Tokio Marine Group
companies to identify critical issues facing these organizations accurately and promptly , then
apply them to solution development . The customer touchpoints incl ude businesses in the
logistics and transportation industry , whose stable shipping of raw materials and products
form the base of business such as manufacturing, as well as local governments nationwide .

【Planned Services Provided by TSMO 】
(1) Fleet management service “MIMAMO DRIVE 3”
As its first initiative, TSMO is set to launch MIMAMO DRIVE nationwide in April 2024, in
collaboration with TMNF . This service leverages Tokio Marine Group’s accident prevention
and accident data analysis know -how to support corporate fleet management and safe driving.
*3 Being offered on a trial basis through select TMNF agents as of November 2023
https://www.tokiomarine (Japanese only)

(2) Automated driving vehicle introduction and operation suppor t package “Hawk SafEye 4”
Subsequently, TSMO plans to introduce Hawk SafEye , a support package for the
implementation and operation of automated driving, in collaboration with TMNF, Tokio
Marine dR and other partners.
*4 Launch of Hawk SafEye, a remote monitoring/incident response service and support package for the
introduction and operation of automated driving for automated driving -related businesses
https://www.tokiomarine (Japanese only)

The overview of the mobility solution business through collaboration with
Tokio Marine Group and external partners 

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